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Students Recognized at VCTM Statewide Mathematics Fair

On Saturday, April 6th, 20 students from the 7th/8th grade went to UVM to present their projects at the VCTM Statewide Mathematics Fair.  Students created these projects in Enrichment block, throughout the third quarter.  Please take a moment to congratulate these students for taking on this additional learning opportunity.  We should all be proud to have had so many talented students represent the Barre City Middle School!



Project Topic


Eleanor Johnson and Riley Gavin

Math and music theory

First place

Lia Kiniry and Caitlin Peacock

Math in figure skating

Second place

Claire Isabelle and Grace Isham

Comparing migration distances

Third place

Ronan Kelly and Cameron Rannie


Honorable mention

Porter Walbridge and Kaidence Campbell

Calculating speeds of Ryu’s hadouken (throwing objects in a video game)

Honorable mention

Madison Churchill and Kayce Lagerstedt

Circle = Square (finding circles and squares with equal areas, perimeters)


Aiden Mundinger and Omar LaBay

Angles in Snowflakes


Seth Almand and Lito Bates

The golden ratio


Jake Huckins and Dodge Hopper

Angles in Plinko game


Jaelyn Huckins and Anthony Brochu

Ratios in brownie recipes



A group of staff and students
Student presentation
Student holding an award
Student holding an award
Kids showing off their project
Kids showing off their project
Project 58
Students with medals
Students with medals