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Principals' Welcome

Welcome to Barre City Elementary and Middle School


We are committed to providing a challenging educational environment that encourages high performance in a nurturing atmosphere characterized by dignity and respect.

In a free and open democratic society, public education must assume an important role in developing all young people to be confident, productive, and participating citizens. Our school provides students with the opportunity to develop a foundation of basic skills and the means to evaluate and apply those skills in a variety of ways.

We want students to think critically, analyze information, draw rational conclusions, retain meaningful information, read and communicate with a high level of performance and create new ideas from old information. We recognize that student achievement is balanced by the uniqueness of each learner, and we believe that all students can attain high levels of performance. To accomplish these high levels there needs to be a cooperative effort among staff, parents and our entire community. To that end, please feel free to contact us with your thoughts, ideas, and concerns at any time.

Principle Coon and Principle Hennessy

L-R, Mr. Hayden Coon, Principal, PreK-4 ( and Mr. Chris Hennessey, Principal, Grades 5-8 (