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Meet Your Art Teacher

Image of Kate Hawley


Kate Hawley

K-4 Art Teacher
Picture of Paints and Brushes

I have enjoyed being a public school art educator for 23 years. My first two years were at a high school in Pennsylvania. The last 21 years, I have been teaching art at Barre City Elementary and Middle School. I started my career in Vermont teaching 5th-8th grade. I am currently teaching Kindergarten-4th grade. I serve over 475 students a week, so my days are very busy and fast paced! I find it rewarding to give the students a different view of the world and excite them to think for themselves and to be creative. I find enjoyment and inspiration in many activities like hiking, canoeing, skiing, swimming, time spent with my family and of course...being an artist myself!


Why do I believe art is important?

- The arts make learning come alive.
- The arts challenge students to think about and respond to themselves and the world in many different ways.
- The arts cultivate skills and discipline.
- The arts help children understand their own as well as others cultures and times.
- The arts help students discover creative ways of thinking about questions and problems.
- The arts strengthen academic performance.
- The arts open a wide range of careers.
- The arts make leisure meaningful.