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Dream Program

Guided Mentoring is a two-tiered approach to cross-age mentoring that fosters mentoring relationships between high school and elementary-aged youth throughout Vermont and the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire. The program begins with a mentor-in-training curriculum which prepares high school students (young adult guide) to be effective mentors and provides a space for them to celebrate their group and self-identities, to develop a robust sense of place, and to explore their role within their homes places. This is a testament to all that it is possible when relationships are done well. The program is an exciting leadership and learning opportunity for students, allowing them to celebrate, be empowered, and give back. They’ll have fun, be silly, and step outside of their comfort zones. Each elementary student will be mentored by their own young adult guide so they’ll have someone to lean on and learn from, too.


Dream program

Dream Program

Dream Program