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Remote Learning - Middle School

BCEMS Suggested Middle School Student Daily Remote Learning Schedule and Expectations:

All students grade 5-8 should be engaging in approximately 2-3 hours of academics per day. 

Each day, 5th-8th grade students are expected to:

  • CHECK SCHOOL EMAIL DAILY.  Check your Team’s Weekly Calendar no later than each Sunday (see below)!
  • Engage in one Specials classroom/lesson daily, but attending each special at least once during the week
  • Go outside for 30 minutes!  (Weather and family dependent)
  • Read! Assigned or choice books independently or with parent/guardian/sibling
  • Do math! Complete Zearn, Freckle, Khan Academy assignments independently or with family and teacher support
  • Complete daily/weekly assignments as set in your team’s remote learning calendars and independently at time set by parent/guardian
  • Participate in teacher-facilitated learning opportunities.  Examples could include: Joining a zoom meeting/google meet, reaching out to teachers during office hours, sending photos of completed work to the teacher, engaging in remote platforms such as Seesaw, Class Dojo, Freckle, Khan Academy, Flipgrid, or Google Classroom.
  • Be in regular email contact with teachers.  Again, CHECK SCHOOL EMAIL DAILY!