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Picture of students and their teacher out for a run

Our Vision:

We envision a dynamic PK-8 school that challenges all students and staff to be caring and contributing members of our society, learning to work together in cooperative and productive teams.  We strive for high standards of performance, both academically and behaviorally, for all members of our school community.  We see an active, busy, hands-on, creative environment where both staff and students are engaged in meaningful learning experiences.  The learning experiences should follow a logical progression that is developmentally appropriate and where students can see the connections among the traditional fields of discipline.  We want all members of our school community to feel safe, not just safe from physical harm, but free to respectfully express their own individuality.  

We invite you to look through our Student/Parent Handbooks, and learn more about our school, our philosophy of learning, and our expectations: for our students, our families, and ourselves. You can view or download the Handbooks by clicking on the links below.

Note: Every effort has been made to make the below links compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you are unable to view or read either of these booklets, please contact our main office at 802-476-6541 and we will mail one to you.

Student / Parent Handbook

Early Education Handbook